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Action Games
Squigly Fish Racer Squigly Fish Racer
Race your fish against the CPU or a friend.
Views: 478
Category: Action Games
Alien Hominid Alien Hominid
Run away from the FBI
Views: 489
Category: Action Games
Magus RPG Magus RPG
Play as Magus in this Chrono Trigger style game, use space for actio..
Views: 532
Category: Action Games
Shooting Games
Plebbi Duck Hunt Plebbi Duck Hunt
Shoot down the flying ducks with your shotgun before they fly off th..
Views: 768
Category: Shooting Games
AO-War On Iraq AO-War On Iraq
Shoot down Iraqi Terrorists, Jeeps, Grenaders and hostile villagers ..
Views: 690
Category: Shooting Games
Hunting With Peter Hunting With Peter
This is an excellent shoot'em up game based on the Family Guy e..
Views: 662
Category: Shooting Games
Racing Games
Weird Bicycle Game Weird Bicycle Game
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like! Speed dow..
Views: 2346
Category: Racing Games
Grand Prix Challenge 2 Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multip..
Views: 1694
Category: Racing Games
The Paper Cup The Paper Cup
The original Paper Cup racing game! You're the rider of a class..
Views: 1478
Category: Racing Games
Fighting Games
Whack Your Boss Whack Your Boss
Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny..
Views: 3011
Category: Fighting Games
Knockout Knockout
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in ..
Views: 29932
Category: Fighting Games
Towel Fighter Towel Fighter
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clev..
Views: 2114
Category: Fighting Games
Puzzle Games
Demon Demon
Move both red and blue dots into their proper places.
Views: 615
Category: Puzzle Games
Where's Saddam Where's Saddam
Where's Waldo type game search for Saddam Hussein's face w..
Views: 342
Category: Puzzle Games
Shot Baller Shot Baller
Use W, A, S and D to move around, hold the mouse down and release to..
Views: 473
Category: Puzzle Games
Sports Games
Rooftop Skater Rooftop Skater
Skate on the roof top of buildings do 360 degree spins up on ramps a..
Views: 633
Category: Sports Games
Spooky Hoops Spooky Hoops
Play Basketball against the skeletons and try to shoot some hoops! P..
Views: 1033
Category: Sports Games
Euro Headers 2004 Euro Headers 2004
Pick a soccer player, bounce multiple balls out of your net to score..
Views: 779
Category: Sports Games
Classic Games
Xiang Qi Single Player Xiang Qi Single Player
Play chinese chess with another player offline move your pieces stra..
Views: 795
Category: Classic Games
Blob Twist Blob Twist
Match the patterns.
Views: 759
Category: Classic Games
Ping AI Ping AI
This is a quality, updated version of the classic pong game. Battle ..
Views: 1107
Category: Classic Games
Non.Rated Games
Mega Jump Mega Jump
Boost Mr. Frog into the air and launch him as far as you can.
Views: 1312
Category: Non.Rated Games
Super Fly Super Fly
Catch as many bugs as possible.
Views: 1370
Category: Non.Rated Games
Grafik Masters Grafik Masters
Just a simple keep the ball from going out, destory the geek!
Views: 560
Category: Non.Rated Games